Editor + Terminal


I have been using Visual Studio Code as my code editor for over a three years now. Probably my favorite electron app by far. My favorite color themes are Material Theme, Aylin, and Night Owl. My favorite font is Cascadia Code.


For my terminal, I have stuck with iTerm2. It is reliable, customizable, and just works. I go fullscreen with a slight transparency. I also use oh-my-zshell, pure-prompt, with the facebook theme. I played around with Hyper but had some issues so I switched back.



UPDATE: This is all changing in the last few week’s as I have been working on getting a dev environment on widows10 and WSL2. More to Follow.

Bought my first macintosh due to it being a requirement for my coding bootcamp. It is a 2012 15” retina macbook pro sitting ontop of a Rain Laptop Stand. This has been my workhorse ever since I started coding and really enjoy working on mac. It is the closest we can get to linux but still having access to apps like Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

I recently sold my dual monitor setup and replaced it with a single Dell UltraSharp U2515H 25-Inch Monitor after reading A Single Monitor Manifesto by Cory House. It made a lot sense to me and am happy with the new setup. This new setup helps me stay focused on the task at hand and avoid distractions.


I use Google Keep for my daily todos and started journaling in a private repo in Github.

I use Trello for project management tasks for any given project.

My team uses Slack for office communications. The goal being that email is for external customers.

I use OpenDNS to filter content and improve network speeds.

I built a Raspberry Pi using pi-hole to filter ads.

I am using Nord VPN to secure traffic when I am in the wild.

I also setup a Disney’s Circle which is an amazing device that helps keep time limits on our children’s internet time.