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I have been considering building a standing desk on the cheap. I read an article where you can get all the parts from Ikea like for \$20 bucks and just make your own. The official Veridesk ones are like a grand and even the one that you put on top of your existing desk runs \$300. So yeah, not in my budget at all. Probably need a stool kinda thing in case I get tired standing as well, the veridesk one is insane.

Standing Desk Build

I’ve been wanting a standing desk for some time but was always put off since it was so expensive. I have a regular siting desk for many years but since we got Veridesk at work I’ve enjoyed the health benefits and been wanting one for my home office as well.

So I looked around and found that there was an Ikea hack where you could build your own for ~$20. I was so happy that I wanted to see if I could pull it off. If it didn’t work out it was just $20 bucks and little bit of my time so no biggie.

Another problem I faced was that the pieces were from Ikea but the closest one is in Austin which is ~ 2hrs drive. I didn’t feel like spending 4 hours in the car to I could save a few bucks.

So while we were at Walmart looking around, I took a look around to see if I could find similar materials to make the standing desk.


end table from Walmart

I found a end table in Walmart’s furniture isle. I had a harder time finding the shelf but eventually found it in the tools/hardware area in the closet organizer area. Brackets were also located right next to the shelf since it was the same brand.


You will eventually get tired of standing so there are some bonus items you can get that will make your standing desk more standing friendly.

  • anti-fatigue mat, \$20
    • I found the anti-fatigue mat at Sams in the office furniture area. It is of good quality and really does help your feet stay happy at your standing desk.
  • stool, \$22
    • So you can’t stand forever and too much of a good thing is never good so I also invested in a stool so when I do get tired I can sit and still be high enough to take advantage of the standing desk.


happy dev

So far I am very happy with the results, glad I didn’t have to spend a fortune, and also leaned into my hacker tendencies. We’ll see if it holds up but if it doesn’t, I can always build another one #onthecheap.

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